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Дымозащитные клапаны ERK-T-K

Область применения:
Smoke dampers are used for the discharge of smoke via machine smoke extraction systems of individual or several fire lobbies and for feeding external air to these machine smoke extraction systems. An additional application for ventilation is possible if these smoke extraction systems are approved by the construction supervision authority also for ventilation. They constitute unregulated construction products according to Building Regulation List B Part 2 and are subject to approval. The "General and Special Conditions" of the general technical approval Z-78.3-161 in its current form, the mounting and operating instructions and the common standards and guidelines must be observed in connection with the technical documentation.


  • tested to DIN 4102-6 similar to DIN V 18232-6, resistance class EK90
  • Housing and shut-off damper leaf made of silicate structural insulating panel
  • Installation in/on massive walls/ceilings, in lightweight partition walls (DIN 4102-4 Tab.48), in lightweight walls without metal post, away from/outside of walls/ceilings
  • 24 V Open/Close actuator with additional independent redundant power supply (battery pack) in L 90 encapsulation ("Close damper" function in case of power failure, building fire prevention is guaranteed)


Made of calcium silicate.

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